The venerable boat dolly

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From 1972 through 1975, we lived in Germany. At the time, my father had bought a Metzeler Brigant, like the one shown here:

A Brigant for sale on eBay at the time of writing

We also had a small dolly to help move it around, which we even used to tow it behind the car (I’m sure one wouldn’t get away with that today!).

I inherited the dolly, but over the years, between disuse and poor storage, the rims rusted and the tires rotted. Over the last few days, I restored it. Here is a picture of the dolly now, with the old parts in front of it:

Reburbished boat dolly

Used a wire brush and drill to clean the rust off, then repainted with hammered silver Tremclad. Does a nice job!

The straps need replacing too, but after 40 years, one needs to expect that.



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